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July 6th 2016 SUNSEA assists China Tower

2016-07-06   • Corporation News  |   11506  |  

The construction and development of wireless base stations need to be integrated into the rapid development of smart cities and informatization. Development and utilization of wireless site value-added services, China Tower’s huge assets really have a huge development space.

Constantly, wireless sites have difficulties in living harmonious with residents ,which results difficulties in siting, construction and maintenance of base stations. Tower company has strong demands for value-added services at wireless sites, with both contradictions and opportunities. On how to innovate Wireless Site Value-added Services, Chongqing Tower takes a step forward.

SUNSEA Telecommunications Co., Ltd. helps China Tower in Chongqing joint innovation advertising screen base station and in-depth cooperation. In April 2016, an outdoor advertising screen service was provided for outdoor cabinets in Chongqing pilot wireless station for outdoor iron cabinets in Chongqing and provided visual information of advertisement screens, approached the community and contacted residents Harmonious coexistence, cracked the base station site construction, maintenance and other difficulties, while satisfying the tower company to provide value-added business needs, highly praised by  the China Tower Corporation and Chongqing Branch leadership and gain innovative recognition.

At present, China's stockpile tower reaches 2 million stations and the annual growth rate of new sites reaches 300,000 stations. A remarkabke quantity of urban street sites, road network site have become China's huge potential market of iron tower value-added business.

SUNSEA Telecommunications Co., Ltd. specializes in providing best-in-class wired and broadband solutions, wireless site solutions, data center solutions and professional services to domestic and international operators, ICT equipment providers and network integrators. Adhering to the customer-focused, ICT expertise experience, innovation and industrial development model, we provide customers with valuable, professional solutions and services.