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I. Indoor Distribution Antenna System  
Product Background Introduction
With the rapid development of urban construction, the number of residential communities, commercial buildings has been rapidly increasing, and the density of dwellings has also been on the increase. As the new building blocks the original macro station coverage area, there will be a new signal blind area or weak signal, directly affect the mobile phone users to use the wireless network, indoor coverage needs more and more, so the indoor distribution antenna system was born. According to the different needs of customers, SUNSEA designed a series of related products.
 Application Scenarios/Features
 Indoor distribution Antenna has wide range of applications, can be applied to indoor, residential, shopping malls and other signals weak, weak basement blind zone, uneven distribution of various scenarios, product appearance according to the actual use of the scene design customization, easy installation, easy maintenance .

II. Feeder Accessories
 Product Background Introduction
At present, with the increasing development of mobile communications, there is an increasing demand for accessory accessories for base stations. In response to this situation, we have designed a series of base station accessory products through technical innovations. They are widely used in the network of major operators.


Application Scenario/Case

III. Passive Components
Product Background Introduction

With the increasing density of urban development, indoor distribution system coverage needs more and more, the need for passive devices are also constantly increasing, in this case, our independent innovation, developed a series of advanced passive components products, through the wide range using of operators and customers, have made good use evaluation in all operators and customers.