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July 15th, 2016, SUNSEA Telecommunications Co., Ltd. outdoor base station wins the bid of Anhui Tower project

2016-07-15   • Corporation News  |   11788  |  

This outdoor generator room project is targeted at about 30 million yuan, the outdoor cabinet project is about 80 million yuan, after China Tower company's rigorous review,comparison,SUNSEA Telecommunications Co., Ltd. won the bid in both projects as the first bidder,the outdoor unit won the bid amounting to about 13 million yuan and the outdoor cabinets won the bid amounting to about 23 million yuan, injecting new vitality into the continuous growth of the performance of the SUNSEA.

Recently, a number of major projects have been successfully held in SUNSEA outdoor base station, which fully expounded the continuous investment and growth prospects of outdoor mobile base station products and further proved the strong competitiveness of outdoor base station products and the customer's commitment to SUNSEA products Recognition and trust.

As the largest provider of ICT network infrastructure and integrated service provider in China,SUNSEA Telecommunications Co., Ltd. has formed three major system solutions covering wireless stations, cable broadband and data center and comprehensive engineering after 20 years of development since its establishment in 1994 and the development pattern of the four major industries, committed to creating professional, green, valuable solutions and services.