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SUNSEA Smalcell:

Widely applicable for scenarios including user-clustered area such as dormitory buildings, high-bandwidth demand scenarios such as cafes, difficult property coordination scenarios such as upscale hotels, and LTE network construction in difficult coverage scenarios such as high-rise buildings. LTE network deployment can be completed quickly and easily. Only use a power supply and a network cable to realize LTE signal coverage and bandwidth capacity expansion.

Smallcell  Features:
With the development of the times, the mobile data service has become an essential of life and data requirements have exploded. The traditional 2/3G network is increasingly unable to meet users' pursuit of data services. Smallcell satisfies deep coverage and provides high speed rates, became an imperative deployment trend in 4G era.

 LTE has the characteristics of large bandwidth, high speed and low delay. Introducing Smallcell in LTE network can greatly improve network capacity, optimize network coverage and provide users with better user experiences. The changes brought by Smallcell for LTE are mainly reflected in the aspects of three-dimensional coverage optimization, high-capacity indoor coverage, energy saving, etc.
Smallcell enable operator to provide more new value-added services on account of low cost, good coverage, rich interface as well as to provide wireless network services. For example, location service, Smallcell’s location accuracy is much higher than macro stations, It is especially suitable for location-based applications without indoor GPS signals such as store location in large shopping centers and museum navigation.

Based on the industry-leading Qualcomm's Smallcell SOC, SUNSEA LTE Smallcell diversifies its product portfolio to meet the deployment needs of operators in various scenarios and helps operators cope with LTE challenges easily.