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SUNSEA won the honor of Fujian Tower "outstanding supplier "

2017-03-25   • Corporation News  |   9343  |  

Recently, China Tower held its 2016 annual summary meeting. Through excellent efforts, SUNSEA won the honors of "Tower Supply Special Award" and "Excellent Supplier" of Quanzhou Branch and Zhangzhou Branch respectively.

Over the years, all the members of SUNSEA Fuzhou office team down to earth, work dedicatedly ,and made a significant breakthrough in the market competition , the company successfully completed the sales goal and established a good partnership with customers, the response speed in all aspects has been fully recognized by customers. In the 2016 year-end summary of the tower company, the Company won the "Tower Supply Special Prize" of the 2016 annual Quanzhou Branch and the "Excellent Supplier" of the 2016 year in Zhangzhou City.