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Corporation Introduction

    Sunsea AIoT Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Sunsea AIoT, stock code: 002313) was established in 1994, it is a high-tech enterprise listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Sunsea AIoT provides end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) products and services to global customers including telecom operators, ICT equipment vendors, system integrators, and enterprise customers. The solution and products including IoT terminals, IoT cloud platforms, IoT multi-industry solutions, communications network infrastructure and communications services. Our company has been keeping up with the development trend of communication technology, focusing on customer needs, and continuously transforming and upgrading. We take "Sunsea AIoT" as company's strategic objective and "Wisdom Connects Everything" as slogan, contributing to become the industry's leading artificial intelligence Internet of Things provider.

   After Run Liang Tai Fund holding Sunsea AIoT in 2016, the company completed its gorgeous transformation and upgrading relying on professional, strong management team, project resources and financial resources. In September 2017 and December of the same year, Sunsea AIoT acquired the IoT module makers Long Sung Tech and SIMCom successively, and achieved approximately 30% global market share of IoT wireless communication module products, become a leading enterprise of communication modules. In October 2017, Sunsea AIoT invested in Ayla Networks, Inc., the leader of the global IoT cloud platform, and became its largest shareholder. Through the establishment of a joint venture company with Ayla in China, Sunsea AIoT has established a cloud platform capability for the Internet of Things and has taken the lead in realizing the superiority of the cloud+ modulebusiness ecosystem of the Internet of Things.

   Sunsea AIoT has set up R&D centers in China major cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai and Xian, and has sales outlets in domestic capital cities and in Sweden, Italy, Thailand, and other countries. It serves telecom operators and customers in industries such as health, agriculture, environment, energy, transportation, and industrial manufacturing with intelligent, safe and reliable IoT products, solutions and services, to promote the continued healthy development of the industry. At the same time, the company actively participates in the construction of next-generation networks, accelerates the application of artificial intelligence in the field of IoT, and provides customers with more complete intelligence by integrating AI cloud computing centers with integrated capabilities such as super-computing, big data, cloud computing, and AI intelligent services.

   Sunsea AIoT will adhere to the customer-centric approach, open cooperation with partners, innovate the industrial development model, and continue to create value for customers. At the same time, Sunsea AIoT attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility, actively fulfills corporate citizenship duties, abides by commercial norms, and promotes the sustainable development of our customers and ourselves.

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    700+ R&D Engineers
  • 700+
    700+ Patents
  • 30+
    30+ Sales Offices around the world
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    60+ Countries Business Exploration
Corporation Vision
Be a Leading Global AIoT Enterprise

Mission: Provide Secure AIoT Solutions and Services

Value: Customer-Centric, Innovative Integration, Energetic with Simpleness

Slogan: Intelligence Connects Everything

Social Responsibility
Benefits generating is not only the existing reason of a corporation and the responsibility of employees, but also the everlasting major task of corporation operation. In 2022, in order to cope with climate change, SUNSEA AIOT TECHNOLOGY CO LTD has since opened the setting of greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and emission reduction path planning. After continuous exploration and trial, the carbon emission reduction target of SUNSEA AIOT TECHNOLOGY CO LTD is set as follows: Reduce total operational GHG emissions (Scope 1, Scope 2) by 50% in 2030 compared to 2022; At the same time, we will continue to make maximum efforts to reduce emissions at the value chain level (Scope 3).
  • Centered on benefits
    Centered on benefits
    Benefits generating is not only the existing reason of a corporation and the responsibility of employees, but also the everlasting major task of corporation operation. Only when a corporation develops in a healthy way with benefits created, can it bear social responsibilities of generating more values for society in a further step, solving the problems related to social development, employee benefits, and tax payment.
  • Guided by market
    Guided by market
    Products of a corporation must satisfy customer demands in various ways, and the development of a corporation should adapt to market change. The direction where a corporation goes forward must conform to market development expection. By constantly doing research of market, analyzing market, creating and seizing market opportunities, actively participating in market competition,and attaching great importance to the quality and standard of product and service, corporation can consistently improve its capability to satisfy customer demands and market competition.
  • Rooted in talents
    Rooted in talents
    Whether a corporation generates benefits or not depends on employees. SUNSEA views employees who help corportaion generate benefits as great treasure and important asset, and provides platform for those who with ambition, passion, talents, virtue,and realism to realize bigger life value, encouraging them to grow and develop together with the corporation with corresponding payment.
  • Assessed by performance
    Assessed by performance
    Business performance, showing the result of corporation operation, is KPI of evaluating corporation development. Corporation deems business performance a combination point of showing its social value, corporation value, and employee value. By scientifically reasonable indicator assessment, this kind of atmosphere that whether a corporation is successful or not depends on its business performance, and whether an employee should get bonus or penalty depends on his/her sales performance is formed, thus encouraging corporation and employees to improve working efficiency meanwhile improving the whole business performance of corporation
  • Actively bear social responsibilities
    Actively bear social responsibilities
    SUNSEA develops business in a way involving virtue and integrity, and dedicates to develop conversations among government, investor, employee, customer, community and public, partners in the same industry, organization, and vendor with full respect of the legitimate rights of interest related parties, by cooperating with them to propel the sustainable and healthy development of corporation. SUNSEA protects environment to the largest limit with close coordination with customers and industrial chains to co-build energy-saving telecommunications network. SUNSEA tries its best to implement the strategy of "Green SUNSEA, Green Telecommunications" by using and developing energy-saving materials and products.
Corporation Milestone
  • Shenzhen Nanshan headquarters put into use.
  • Wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen SUNSEA IoT Co., Ltd. was established, the company started the Internet of Things business.
  • Wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen SUNSEA Cloud Network Co., Ltd. was established, the company started cloud network business.
  • Run Liang Tai Fund invested SUNSEA, helping company to achieve the second wave rapid development.
  • SUNSEA Communications Research and Development Building completed.
  • The 20th anniversary of the SUNSEA Communications.
  • Wuhan research and development, production base put into use.
  • Launched smart ODN solution.
  • Launched the world's single-core MC type fiber optic connectors.
  • In August, SUNSEA Communication Holding subsidiary - Shenzhen Wavhigh Technology Co., Ltd. was established, focused on the business in data center, enterprise customers, electricity, rail transportation and other vertical industries.
  • Guangdong SUNSEA Communication Engineering Co., Ltd. was established, the company's business quickly entered the field of communications engineering services.
  • Guangdong SUNBLENCE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established, the group's business extends to the core part of optical devices --- PLC chip field.
  • In January, broadband cabling equipment won the "Guangdong Provincial Key New Product" honorary certificate.
  • In December, the company listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange SME board (stock code: 002313).
  • In March, was identified as "national high-tech enterprises".
  • In July, it was qualified as a "foreign-invested advanced technology enterprise" in the field of access network protection.
  • In July, was awarded "Nanshan District, private leader" title by the Nanshan District government.
  • In December, won the "2008 Shenzhen Industry 500" title.
  • In May, the company restructuring, changed its name to "Shenzhen SUNSEA Communication Technology Co., Ltd."
  • In November, won the "Cabling national innovation brand".
  • In December, was identified as "Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Center".
  • In December, Won the "Contribution Award of Actively Promoting Shenzhen's Information Industry Development".
  • In August,the first time to participated in "China International Patent Technology and Products Fair," and won the "Patent Gold Award".
  • In December, enabled new corporate image system, attended ITU Telecom World Exhibition(Hong Kong).
  • In December, SUNSEA Shenzhen Guanlan manufacturing base formally put into use.
  • In January, the company initiated ISO14001 environmental management system.
  • In March, the second phase of Guanlan Manufacturing Base started construction.
  • In June, a joint venture with Kitamura Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established.
  • In October, company was recognized as "Top 50 Private Enterprises in Shenzhen" by Shenzhen Municipal Government.
  • In December, company was recognized as "top 50 comprehensive communications manufacturing enterprises" by journal "Communication World".
  • Participated in ODF industry standards revision.
  • Hosted communication system outdoor machine room industry standard setting.
  • Hosted communication system outdoor enclosure industry standard setting.
  • Construction of outdoor facilities testing laboratory
  • In June, Tower and Shelter Division was established.
  • In July, passed the TLC Certification and ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.
  • In October, was awarded "good faith small and medium enterprises" by Shenzhen SME Credit Guarantee Center.
  • In November, established joint venture Shenzhen SUNSEA Communication Technology Co., Ltd. with IDG from USA.
  • Participated in standard-drafting of broadband data communications integrated optical distribution box.
  • Launched JPX399 series MDF.
  • Launched DSL broadband distribution products.
  • In August, SUNSEA building construction completion in Shekou, Shenzhen city.
  • In November, passed the British BSI ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.
  • Company was awarded as "China's outstanding private technology enterprises" by the China Federation of Industry and Commerce, China Association of Private Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurs.
  • launched GPX218-M / K series of large-capacity splicing and distribution separate ODF products
  • In February, the RF Products Manufacturing Division was established.
  • In May, Sheet Metal Manufacturing Division was established.
  • Jointly established Shenzhen High-speed network physical connection engineering technology research center with Shenzhen Municipal Government.
  • In January, passed the British BSI ISO9002 quality management system certification.
  • In December, company was recognized as "High-tech Enterprise in Shenzhen City" by Shenzhen Municipal Government.
  • Launched GPX218-G series splicing distributon separation large-capacity ODF.
  • In April, it was listed as key high-tech enterprise supported by the Shenzhen Municipal Government for development.
  • Launched broadband, high density JPX294 Series MDF.
  • Won the Asian Optical Access Network Project (Beijing 120 optical cable ring construction project), and was praised.
  • Launched splicing and distribution integrated module and high-density GPX218-A series of optical distribution frame.
  • In November, Optoelectronics Division was established.
  • Launched large capacity (576 core) ODF products in China.
  • In July, the company moved to Futian District, Shenzhen.
  • Launched OCC products.
  • Launched below 96 core ODF products.
  • Launched MPX series DDF products.
  • In Semteber, company was established in Bao'an District Shenzhen.
  • Launched JPX38 series MDF products.
Corporation Honor
Sunsea AIoT insist on customer-centric, apply ICT expertise to innovate industry development model and create value for customers.
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