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SUNSEA company became credit-rating-AAA-level enterprise in China information and communication industry

2016-08-20   • Corporation News  |   9319  |  

At the meeting, leaders of China Association of Communications Enterprises released the first batch of credit rating evaluation results of the information and communication industry in 2015. Relevant leaders such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China jointly issued a plaque and a certificate to enterprises which obtained Class A in the credit rating of the communications industry. SUNSEA has won the AAA credit rating in product manufacturing and been one of the first 20 manufacturing companies ranked AAA.

This evaluation activity is a job carried out by China telecommunication industry association with the purpose of implementing China social credit system construction outline, propelling information telecommunication industrial credit construction, gradually propelling the application of credit evaluation result in an all-round way, realizing the sharing and co-building of credit information, and helping with the joint incentive for industry credit and joint penalty for industry credit loss. It is also a result created by assessing the enterprise in an all-round, objective, and fair way.