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SUNSEA passed the audit of GB/T 29490 enterprise intellectual property management regulation

2016-09-10   • Corporation News  |   9096  |  

   After two days of tight auditing, Mr. Fang Yao, the group leader of Zhonggui(Beijing) certification co, ltd. has formally announced that SUNSEA passed the audit in the afternoon of 24th, while he was giving 3 progressive suggestions and 2 problems according to the whole auditing process. Two problems: 1. There are some missing parts of company's external file; 2. The intellectual property protection of manufacturing system is weak. Three suggestions for improvement: 1. It is suggested to improve the assessment method of IPR target and carry out a comprehensive assessment from all functional levels to promote it together; 2. It is suggested to implement patent information management, introduce or develop data management platform and reduce manual management mode; It is suggested that the market system reinforce the awareness of product information feedback and improve the timeliness of feedback. Finally, it is stressed that SUNSEA needs to complete the confirmation and response of the improvement measures of "two problems" within 15 working days.

    CEO Peng Jian expressed his appreciation for the hard work of auditing group of Zhonggui(Beijing) certification co,ltd in the last meeting, and he clearly pointed out the problems that Mr. Fang found were the weaknesses of SUNSEA, requiring all company members to change and rectify the problems together. The three suggestions that Mr. Fang has given require us to do comprehensive cooperation with all departments and ensure the intellectual property management work be effectively carried out.

At present, only 12 enterprises in Shenzhen have passed the certification of IP management standards and this audit and certification further verified the overall strength of the work on IPR in SUNSEA. Implementation of the "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Code" will help encourage employees to develop new technologies and promote technological innovation; improve product added value and expand market share; enhance business management level and market competitiveness; improve enterprise productivity and increase Economic benefits. SUNSEA passed the certification, implemented the standard management, as if SUNSEA has been injected with new blood, meanwhile the intellectual property management is about to embark on a new journey, which plays an active role in market development and business operations