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SUNSEA customized product won the Red Dot Award

2017-04-13   • Corporation News  |   9428  |  

Recently, we received a wonderful news from the E project group(a particular project group of Connectivity Business Sector), that our ODM Outdoor Cabinet awarded the Red Dot Award. 

The Red Dot Award is one of the most famous and influential award in design industry, and it also known as the “Oscar” in the design industry, which is a recognized international symbol of creativity and design. This award means our product(appearance and texture )has gained the most authoritative quality guarantee. There are more than 54 countries and with more than 5500 manufacturers were participating in the 2017 competition of Red Dot Award. Our leading design of Outdoor cabinet has won the 2017 Red Dot Award after jury’s consistent evaluation. We have been increasingly put our efforts into self-research& innovation after company established, while we organized several customer service group during this time that aim to research and develop to particular project. The project team was work through the appearance, material, function and other comprehensive analyzing to the customized product, and finally made a proper solution. All efforts aimed at making better and better solution on the basis of customer’s requirement, pursue of perfection. This award does not only mean the recognition of SUNSEA’s R&D capacity, it also reflects our spirit and keen to explore, innovate, and at same time it added a glittering mark for SUNSEA’s product quality and its outstanding technical capability.